Numerology: Why Should You Study it? Chapter #1

Galaxy & The Milky Way

Numbers are fascinating. In this website, we hope to share with you the concept that numbers are supporting a number of life’s most intriguing mysteries. Not only are numbers interesting, but they can also be fun though this generally only happens after you reconcile yourself to the fact that even though numbers could be a challenge, they can also be your friends.

I also found that numbers can be quite sexy! I know what I am talking about. In one of my first tasks, as an engineering assistant, I had crushes on almost all of the fifty and hundred engineers with whom I worked. They wore jackets that didn’t match their stained clip-on ties; polyester slacks that were too short; white socks with shoes that were muddy and had run-down heels. During a pressing project, many of them forgot to shave, shower, or cut their hair. Their white shirts almost always needed urgent, and they never left home without their pocket protectors, and eye glasses with tape. The bizarre thing about this scenario is that I managed to see past their physical looks, and go straight to the marvel of their technical minds.

These engineers understood everything not only about numbers but, of course, about the universe! I could ask them anything they would stop whatever they were doing, and stare into space till they had an answer for me. I didn’t always understand the response, which generally involved some sort of calculation, but I did love hearing it!

Of course I eventually married the most lovable, most handsome and modest, cleanest, neatest engineer of them all (even though he did wear a clip-on tie), Jack Keller. Throughout our marriage, Jack was gracious enough to help me through many challenges, many of which were math-related. Of course he jumped at the chance to coauthor this publication.

Needless to say, the most technical parts were written by him.

We hope that this publication will help you to share and enjoy our love for numbers. If there is anything that is too complicated or difficult to understand, I did not write it. Jack did.

Basic Overview of Numerology

  • Your SOUL NUMBER reveals your inner, most personal, personal self. It is the underlying motivation that affects your choices and actions, in addition to your subconscious desires and your most deeply inherent attitudes.
  • Your PERSONALITY NUMBER shows how you express yourself , your appearance and the image you present, how others see you, your power of attraction and the environment you enjoy most.
  • Your DESTINY NUMBER represents your overall aims and the path you will follow in order to accomplish your life’s purpose.
  • Your CAREER NUMBER shows your talents and gifts, and the types of professions or vocations for which you are best suited.
  • Your MISSING NUMBER shows your areas of weakness and what is underdeveloped in your nature.
  • The FIRST INITIAL on your title indicates the most significant quality of your personality and the traits which make you unique in the eyes of other people.
  • The FIRST VOWEL of your name reveals your instinctive response to people and situations.

The entire planet hums with what is known as the Schumann Resonance. It’s calculated to have a mean value of 7.83 Hz. According to ancient mystics, seers and astronomers, this resonance was known as the”grand music of the spheres.”

When astronauts ride the space shuttle from the Earth’s gravitational pull, a simulated vibration is given off within the spacecraft to replicate this resonance.

Do you know that dolphin and whale songs are also measured at 7.83 Hz? This is the vibration of homeostasis, which can be human physical health or calmness. Perhaps dolphins seem to be smiling and expressing unending joy since they float along in the rate of universal stability, 7.83 Hz.

Many people use the”music” of whales and dolphins for healing and regeneration. This is based on the ability of numbers 7.83 Hz.

Pythagoras, often called”The Father of Mathematics,” was right when he stated,”The world is built upon the power of numbers.”

Born around 580 B.C. on the island of Samos, he believed that the universe is fundamentally mathematical in nature. He taught that if we understand our incredible interaction with numbers, life can work amazingly well for us.

My introduction to the world of numbers was well before I started college. What was so amazing is that the first numbers I saw and learned to add were upside down! As a young child growing up in Brooklyn, New York, it was often my job to run across the street to Mr. Cohen’s grocery store to buy whatever comestibles my family wanted.

Mr. Cohen never used an adding machine, since he had one in his head! With his glasses far over his nose, he would take a brown paper bag and pencil and add up a column of numbers that are the total of my purchases. Before leaving home, my mother always admonished me to make sure Mr. Cohen didn’t make a mistake, and that I come home with the right quantity of change. Of course, this put me in a position that was very much like that of Ginger Rogers, who had to keep up with Fred Astaire by dancing backwards. I had to add the same column of numbers that we were being billed, at the exact same time Mr. Cohen added them up with lightning speed, only I had to do it upside down.

My mother was very wise. From the time I started college, I was a mathematical whiz. All I needed was that the columns of numbers I had been adding were upside down!

Playing a key game of”numbers,” he had me sit on one side of a wall, and his mystery guest sit on the other. Live, on the air, Regis told me his celebrity’s birth date … July 6, 1927 … 7-6-1927. I repeated the numbers 7-6-1927 to myself… knowing it would allow me to open the door to knowing the right answer. It was the only advice I was given about his mystery guest. Using these numbers as a focal point, I started to psychically receive certain impressions.

I shut my eyes, and started to give his celeb just a little reading. I said I thought it was a female, and added,”I feel this person is a wonderful mother, with really talented children.” After a few other comments about Regis’ guest, I started to get the initials”J” and”L,” while realizing she had light hair. I heard a little voice in my head say,”Psycho…” Wait, was I being insulted by the world of soul at such a trying moment? No!

I said to Regis,”Is it Janet Leigh?”

The audience screamed and applauded, and Janet Leigh came around to my side of the screen to hug and kiss me. Regis said, Knowing the numbers 7-6-1927 intuitively helped me come up with the correct answer.

When The Merv Griffin Show learned about what I did on Regis’ show, they asked me to do the identical thing. It would also be on live TV, only this time with two secret actors! My first inclination was to run the other way, but against my better judgment, I found myself saying,”Yes, I will try to do it again!” I could feel myself starting to find new gray hairs.

After much secrecy, and keeping me in a cupboard before airtime, the moment of truth finally arrived. After Merv introduced me, I walked out onto his set. I was terrified, and might hear my heart beating in my ears. I was in a cold sweat, and felt faint. Merv asked me for a few celebrity predictions for the year, which I managed to give him. He then gave me the first set of numbersthe birth date of his first mystery guest, July 17, 1917… 7-17-1917… 7-17-1917… 7-17-1917… I said a quiet prayer, and shut my eyes for an instant.

I intuitively felt the individual’s first name started with the letter”P” or was it”D”. … No, it’s a”P” like in”pickle”. … No, that can’t be… why am I seeing a pickle? Just then, I quietly heard in my head,”Not’pickle,’… Phyllis.” Hmmmm …

Phyllis… born 1917… I suddenly realized that it could be Phyllis Diller! I thought to myself that she had been about the ideal age. … I will say it… so what should I make a complete fool out of myself? I have no choice… my head is spinning… I can’t think of anyone else! Help! Someone help me!

“Merv,” I said as calmly as possible,”can it be Phyllis Diller?” He cried that I was correct, and he and Phyllis, who was in a disguise, hugged and kissed me, while the crowd cheered.

I was not as lucky with my following celebrity guess. I repeated the numbers to myself, over and over. … I silently prayed for a response. I was tired… I was not hearing or feeling anything! I was not able to guess that Merv’s mystery guest was Arnold Schwarzenegger. I felt terrible, and felt that I had failed miserably. I vowed never to attempt to play this numbers game ever again.

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