Numerology: What Pyramid Number Have To Do With Psychics?

Astronaut With Pyramid

The Pyramid system in the field of numerology is another miracle of the psychic phenomenon. According to an earlier chapter, person is gifted with psychic abilities which are of various kinds and we must understand how to tap those abilities. From the study of numerology there’s a huge scope for the use of these psychic abilities in daily life. With the support of the Pyramid System, any query can be solved with great accuracy. However there are three major conditions:

1. The questioner should be sincere.
2. His difficulty should be real and honest.
3. He must put up his difficulty spontaneously.

The same question is not to be replicated again. If we try to play mischief with this system, the replies and results will be wrong and misleading. In nature there are symbols that have their own laws and functions but which are wholly unintelligible to the modern world. Our ancient scholars were master of occult powers and they found the hidden meaning of those symbols in nature. The Pyramid System is also the results of their discoveries.

Taking it for granted that the person who approaches us for consultation is sincere about his difficulty, and his difficulty is genuine, he should be requested to ask his question in a spontaneous way. The words should come naturally, without much thought.

After such a question is put, the number of those words is counted and put down. This figure is followed by the number of letters in each of the words, and the line is completed. The characters in this line are then successively added together, the first with second, the second with the third party, the third with the fourth, and so on until they have been paired and added. This addition is reduced to a single digit in case it exceeds 9, and then written in the second line and in between the two numbers that have been added. These are then treated in the same fashion by successive pairing along with a third line is generated.

Since each successive line is one figure less than the one above it, it follows that the process eventually tapers into one figure. It is this figure that’s known as its planetary equivalent and the interpretation made thence in accordance with the nature of this question. Let’s take an example.

A student asks, “Shall I get through my examination”.

There are 6 words in this sentence, so the figure 6 is put down first. “Shall” contains 5 letters, and so the figure 5 follows the

Figure 6;”I” is 1;”get” is 3;”through” is 7;”my” is 2 and lastly the term”examination” comprises 11 letters; i.e. 2.

If we organize these figures one after another, the first line stands thus:
6 5 1 3 7 2 2

The Pyramid when completed will be as follows:
6 5 1 3 7 2 2
–2 6 4 1 9 4
–8 1 5 1 4–
—-9 6 6 5–
—-6 3 2—-
——9 2—-

The resultant figure is 5 which is the number of Mercury. It’s concerned with education and for that reason, the boy could get through this examination.

1. If the resultant is 1 it shows success.
2. If the resultant is 2, it’s concerned with the planet Moon that shows lack of concentration and uneasiness. However the Moon is connected with liquids and if the subject is medicine, pathology or chemistry, he’ll get through.
3. If the consequent is 3, it signifies Jupiter that’s a fantastic plane showing ambition. We can conclude that the student may get through his exam and further his ambitions.
4. If the consequent is 4, it signifies the planet Uranus, which shows upheavals and uncertainties, so there is no guarantee.
5. If the consequent is 5, we’ve seen above that he will get through.
6. If the consequent is 6, it represents Venus. If the study class is in artwork, the student will get through. But if the study course is in mathematics, then there are few hopes of his getting through.
7. If the resultant is 7, it represents Neptune and engineering or digital subjects. If the student is looking for these subjects, he will get through.
8. If the consequent is 8, it represents Saturn and shows delays and difficulties. We can predict uncertainty.
9. If the resultant is 9, it represents Mars which reveals courage and dash and is associated with military or engineering subjects. On the strength of his dashing nature and confidence, he may get through his examination.

From the Pyramid System, the interpretation also should be spontaneous. It should come out instantly. However, so as to get a correct interpretation of this number, it’s necessary to be conversant with all of the qualities of the number.

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