Numerology: If You Don’t Believe in Numbers Then, Numbers Are Useless – Chapter #2

Monk With Praying Hands

It’s been my privilege to provide “predictions for the year” on New Year’s Day for Regis Philbin’s TV shows. As I was walking out of WABC-TV’s greenroom on the way to his place to perform his January 1, 1989 show, I received a very strong psychic opinion. Even though I was ready to give my predictions for the year, I unexpectedly found myself receiving one more. … “The Berlin Wall will come down this year. … The Berlin Wall will come down this year … eleven … eleven … eleven…”

“What? What? What are all the elevens? Was the Wall coming down? … Big prediction! However, is it right? Can it be right?” Which are the elevens? I’m starting to shake today, because I do not know what to do! I suddenly went from having a small adrenaline rush to having a terrific big sweat. The next thing I knew, I was sitting next to Regis and Kathie Lee, and with a mic attached to my dress.
The red lights on the cameras came on, and we were on the air. Regis looked at me, and said,”So, Joyce, what is going to happen this coming year?”

I could feel massive beads of perspiration breaking out on my hairline and running down my forehead.

Thinking to myself,”Please, God… let this be correct,” I said,”Well, I think there is a really good chance that the Berlin Wall could come down this year, but I am not sure exactly when!”
Regis stated,”The Berlin Wall. Wow… that’s quite a prediction!”

To this day, though, I kick myself that I did not trust my instinct enough to add”eleven,” or say that it would occur in the eleventh month… or that I didn’t try harder to understand it. In retrospect, I realize that what my advice was trying to tell me was that the Wall would come down at the eleventh month.

My mother was a great psychic who loved numbers, and she used them to her advantage. She made decisions based on her own form of numerology. Lots of the major buys our family made were based on her use of numerology. By way of instance, she knew that we could not live in a house that did not have a”nine” in the speech.

When my Dad became seriously ill, and we had to move from our house quickly, we enlisted the support of my Aunt Josephine. My aunt lived on Long Island, and could help us expedite the process. Aunt Josephine called us and said,”I found the perfect home for you in North Babylon. It is a quick, decent deal, and I think you should do it.” It was a sale of a builder’s model home, in a new tract of land, so the house didn’t have a number.

On moving day, we were told that the address of the house was a number”two.” My mother was confused! How could we proceed to an address that wasn’t a”nine?” She refused to unpack our boxes. She was a genuine numerologist! Finally, a letter came from our city hall. It informed us that our address, for some unknown, unexplained reason, was being changed to a”nine!” Now we can settle in.

“Thank God,” I thought to myself,”my mother finally has resolution about this, and we can move in.” It may have seemed like a small shift to the town, but it was a really big change for us. It is all in the numbers!

A number of years ago, my husband and I sold our home because it was too small to accommodate our growing family. In meditation, I asked to be shown where we ought to proceed. After three days of asking, I had a dream wherein I saw the numbers,”one-sixeight.” 1-6-8 … where? What town?

After running errands, I sat in my car, still wondering where I would find”1-6-8.” A tiny voice in my head softly said,”Look behind Sears. …” Behind Sears? Sears? Was I starting to lose it? I didn’t think we could afford a house there. Optimistically, I chose to push the street directly behind the shopping center, just in case. …

After a couple of minutes, I passed a house with a large”For Sale” sign on the front gate. The number was 1-0-6-8… hmmm… not 1-6-8, but 1-0-6-8. I stopped my car, and got out. A woman was sitting on the front step. I told her I was interested in visiting the house, and asked her the price.

She then answered,”The owners just died, and we have to have a fast sale. There are five kids involved.” She then mentioned a ridiculously low cost, and offered to show it to me. I couldn’t believe it. The house was perfect. It had four bedrooms, two baths, a wonderful lawn, and was ideal for us. The price was so reasonable that, though I love to bargain, I didn’t try to get the price down. We were thrilled to get the house, and moved in a short time after that. We lived happily in that house for many years.

If we ask sincerely for advice, our advice will almost always offer us something pertinent but it might not always be easy to understand and interpret. Just listen carefully, and try to remember what you’re told. It can often be very subtle, or in a dream. Keep a note pad and pen by your bed, or a little tape recorder. Listen carefully… you will be guided, and often by the numbers!

The principle of numerology is that all of the numbers that relate somehow to your life can be reduced and simplified down to a single number, but for the numbers eleven and twenty-two.

Every individual has a special number that influences and controls their life. If you’ve studied astrology, you will see this very similar to the idea of an astrological sign. Instead of being, say a Leo, you may realize that you’re a”number 6″ individual.

This number, or in many cases, a series of numbers, may repeat over and over in many diverse situations of your life. The numbers that repeat frequently in my life are three, seven and five. The first car I bought had just those three numbers from the license plate. These three numbers usually reappear as my “lucky” numbers. They have often shown up in my phone numbers and addresses. Pay attention to the numbers that seem to consistently reappear in your life. It’s not an accident. They reflect and manifest our soul’s energy or vibration.

Numerology is the study of the numbers inherent in our names, birth dates, and the other critical objects and events that surround us, and their meanings and consequences. Since the beginning of time, human beings have recognized that the names and numbers which are associated with things are quite important. Success in a variety of ventures in life relies on knowing how many of something is appropriate, how much is good and how much is not. Additionally, numbers have properties that descend from the structure of our minds, and from the structure of our universe, and the vast majority of cultures and religions attach mystical significance to particular numbers.

Lots of people find that numerology provides quite valid insights into their lives and the things happening to them. Numerology attempts to examine the numerical information around us, and makes a decision of the consequences and associations that these numbers have. Numerology uses techniques common in data transmission and cryptography (the art of writing or deciphering messages in code) to derive, from the numbers of your birth date and the letters of your name, numbers and structures of numbers that reflect or contain the influences of each individual digit of the base data. Our culture retains, and numerology has discovered, that every number has certain implications, which hold influence on us.

Is there any validity to the bad hype that numbers, such as thirteen, often have? Is Friday the thirteenth really a bad-luck day? Why is it that most apartment and office buildings prevent using a thirteenth floor? Does someone die when thirteen people dine together?

Professional numerologists state that there isn’t any validity to thinking or believing that the number thirteen is bad luck… especially because it truly is just the number four! My feeling is that if you think something is true, and you think it strongly enough, sooner or later it will most likely prove to have some validity in your life.

I feel that much of the bad hype surrounding the number thirteen has to do with the Last Supper, when Jesus and His twelve disciples were present. I doubt if thirteen was considered an unlucky number before that event. One more thing that I know for certain is that my mother never permitted thirteen people to sit down at the table. She felt that having thirteen at the table was a virtual death sentence for someone gift, or someone close to those existing, or maybe a friend or neighbor. I was not going to test her theory.

Inside this book we’ll be discussing the basics of numerology and another type of numerology, known as”Gematria.” Gematria taught that if the numerology of a name determines the significance and mystical significance of the title, and of the thing it describes, then other things with the exact numerological characteristics should be comparable in their fundamental principle. For instance, the number of the devil or demons is 666, and if you look you will find that the only Biblical passage numbered 6:66 is John 6:66, that is,”From this time many of His disciples turned back, and no longer followed Him.” Is this just a coincidence or an accident? Do you think that 666 holds any real message or significance? These questions are part of the theory of Gematria.

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